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Herobook simple version is a game engine for tiny text games. It simulates a simple branching story based on a list of pages each containing a list of choices allowing the player to go from pages to pages util the end of the story.

The game is made using json file format, however it may be hard tu use on a tall game. For this reason I'm think of making an editor to simplify the process.

This tool is released under the Unlicense so you can use it either for free of commercial games.

See source code at the github repository.

Install instructions

To try an simple example, create a directory for the game and add the content of data_example.zip (unzipped) and Main.jar or Main.exe (windows only) then run the main file you've chosen.

To use the .jar, run "java -jar Main.jar" in a shell.

You can read a tutorial on this page.


Main.jar 56 kB
Main.exe 517 kB
data_example.zip 756 bytes
web_exporter.zip 57 kB

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