Herobook simple version is a game engine for tiny text games. It simulates a simple branching story based on a list of pages each containing a list of choices allowing the player to go from pages to pages until the end of the story.

Write your story, add choices, styling and pictures. Export the whole game in a single autonomous html file and play on any platform.

Updated 10 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
TagsGame engine, Text based


Herobook1.1.0.exe 60 MB
Herobook-1.1.0.AppImage 96 MB

Install instructions

Unzip and then run index.html in the browser of your choice. To change the game content you can put the json outputed by the editor instead of the content in the p tag with id game-data in the end of the html file. You can also change the file style.css in the css folder to change how your game looks.

Development log


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Hello, thanks for this software.... I have been looking for a basic picture and text builder for html that is simple to use...so far it has worked well. 

Do you have a way to run the application locally for offline use?

If you continue to develop this, it would be nice if you keep the base version as a option so people not needing any enhancements can depend on it. 

Of course it would be nice to be able to do more formatting, audio, video, and some simple decision tree VN like things but I love the simplicity it has now....


Hi @Argos_Rumpwhistle, thanks for your feedback.

For an offline local use, I plan to make a desktop version of the app.

For the addition of functionnalities, I try to keep the format as much consistent as possible so it doesn't add more complexity. So if you don't use it, it shoudn't be to much of a bother.

I was planing to add music support but the thing is, when you complie you currently insert everything into a single file, pictures included. With larger file I fear it to become quickly a size problem...

I'm a bit confused by what you say about decision tree. The tool already allow to make choices. But maybe I'm missing something ?

Hello Hellper, 

For the music and audio effects it might be time to use mp3's exclusively for this as the patents expired and use of mp3 has no apparent cost downsides for creators. This may help keep the file size smaller. Also I have noticed many applications supporting using compressed or deflated zip files to store the data and directly un-compresses the data files for use on the fly. This may be useful if you can easily integrate it with the html.

My bad on the decision tree comments. I was trying it from the first page and it was not obvious to me it did the choices....

thanks for your software! I look forward to using the desktop app version when its ready.


Hello again, I was looking at some other programs and came across a feature that would be useful: having a visual format of the pictures on the left or right side with the text part going down the side or sides. This could be useful for some stories and give some variety of interfaces. Just a thought.


If this is Herobook simple version, what is Herobook?

Hi, I started the project as a way to learn to program in many different technologies. For the same reason, I decided to create different versions of the herobook engine with an increasing complexity so I could progress over time.

I tried to make an "advanced version" where you play by typing commands in a prompt, but there never was a release.
This is why the simple version is currently the only one available.