Herobook simple version is a game engine for tiny text games. It simulates a simple branching story based on a list of pages each containing a list of choices allowing the player to go from pages to pages until the end of the story.

Write your story, add choices, styling and pictures. Export the whole game in a single autonomous html file and play on any platform.

Development log


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Hello, thanks for this software.... I have been looking for a basic picture and text builder for html that is simple to use...so far it has worked well. 

Do you have a way to run the application locally for offline use?

If you continue to develop this, it would be nice if you keep the base version as a option so people not needing any enhancements can depend on it. 

Of course it would be nice to be able to do more formatting, audio, video, and some simple decision tree VN like things but I love the simplicity it has now....


If this is Herobook simple version, what is Herobook?

Hi, I started the project as a way to learn to program in many different technologies. For the same reason, I decided to create different versions of the herobook engine with an increasing complexity so I could progress over time.

I tried to make an "advanced version" where you play by typing commands in a prompt, but there never was a release.
This is why the simple version is currently the only one available.