Version 1.2.0 released

The version 1.2.0 has been released! Here's the list of changes:

Lighter binary

The technology used to make desktop versions as been changed for a lighter one, resulting in a binary of 5MB instead of 60 in the previous version (for the windows version). For the linux version the weight is a bit higher (11MB) but still more decent.

In addition this technology change removes lots of security issues so the program should be safer now.

New ergomony tests

As I'm trying to make the game more ergonomic, I've added a few things to change the game in the visualization tab, in order to minimise the need to go back and forth between both tabs.

Now we can click on a text to open a input and change its content

We can also double click on a page title on the left to change it

Finally, we can directly set a picture here by using the button ou with a drag and drop in the area around it.

The objective behind those changes is to possibly remove the edit tab so edition and visualization are done on the same time. Though I still need time to experiment before this can truly be possible.

Changed the assets manager

I've remade the assets manager to look more like a gallery, which I find nicer.

Added a desktop player

I've added a program to run the game on desktop with no needs for an internet conexion. However when compiling a game that program is not automatically put into the zip file. It must be manually added into it. A web version of that player as well as linux support should be coming soon. With those player I'm planing to add two other features: the possibility de save a game and to add musics. This is not done yet but sould be on track.

Need feedback

To conclude this update, I will have three anouncements. First, I'm looking for feedback from linux users to see if there is any bugs on the linux version. Due to the massive amount of linux distros I can't really test them all.

Second I made a collection dedicated to games that were made using herobook, that you can find here. Feel free to notify if you made a game with herobook and I will add it to the collection.

Third, and last, I will start wrinting tutorials so using the engine gets easier, hopefuly.

With all this said. Thanks for reading and see you later!


herobook1.2.0 11 MB
May 05, 2023
herobook1.2.0.exe 5 MB
May 05, 2023
herobook-player.exe 6 MB
May 05, 2023

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