Version 1.3.0 released

Hi everyone !

Today marks the release of a new update of the engin with many new advanced features:

Conditionnal choices

It is now possible  to add conditions to choices so these choices only appear in some circumstances. Take this example :

Here we have a game with the idea of good and bad choices and an ending that depends of the number of good choices made through the game. In the page content the code <% $state.karma += 1 %> means that we add one the the player karma for their good choice. We can acces to the player karma on any page with the $state variable accessible everywhere.

In the second choice to the good engin we see a condition: $state.karma > 5, which means the choice is only avaliable if the player had collected more than 5 karma.

Add pages categories

The second addition is the possibility create categories and attach them to pages. The advantage of that is that you can now filter and hide pages from the list on the left. You can use this to separate your story into groups, or chapters, and when a chapter is validated you can hide it and then focus only on the next one.

Add state management in page visualization

In third addition, since a page can have different aspects depending on the game variable $state, there is a way to set that state in the page visualization. For instance, if you take that page:

which says hello to a name in the state, you can now specify the name under the color parameters:

Here I've set the name to the value "world" in order to promt the famous "Hello world!". The way the page state works is in a json format, which is why name is enclosed in double quotes.

This is a small example but the state you define can alos affect conditionnal choices.

Desktop version: Added a file modal

Untill now saving or downloading a file would put it in the download folder. On desktop version of the engin there is now a modal that let you choose where to save. That path will be saved and following file saves will be made at the same path, eventually replacing the previous file.

Final words

Finaly, I will conclude by a few informations:

- The web version has not been updated. This is due to the file modal update wich makes it harder to develop both web and desktop version at teh same time. Hopefuly this should be fixed later.

- Similarly the desktop players were not updated yet and this should come soon.

- Also, the development has been a bit more complicated due to the will to add support for a mac version. This currently works but implies that I should buy a mac in the next weeks to simplify building the app for mac. Since it is not cheap, I've opened the project to donations in hope it will eventualy diminish the cost of purchasing a mac. I you like my work, want to support it or are wanting to use it on a mac, feel fre to donate to help that process. Thanks by advance :)


herobook-1.3.0-mac 8 MB
Jul 29, 2023
herobook-1.3.0-linux 14 MB
Jul 30, 2023
herobook-1.3.0-windows.exe 7 MB
Jul 30, 2023

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