Interface Update!

New Update!

I just released a new update for the editor with a few improvements. Here's the list :

  • remade the interface with a bunch of css to make it look nicer. The embedded window has also seen its dimensions grow from as small 4:3 ration to a bigger 16:9 one.
  • fixed a bug that was happening when trying to delete a page.
  • changed the story format. Old format is not compatible with the new one, however the new editor will convert it automatically when trying to open it with.
  • change the import and export process. No more copy/pasting stuff, just open your file with a dialog and hit the save button to download the new one. This implies that compiling your game directly gives you an autonomous file that you can run at the instant it is on your disk. No more!

What's next

The next thing I'll be working on is the support for story styling. It implies color customisation as well as adding assets such as images, music or sound.

There also will be some discussion about the tool license. My true wish for Herobook's license is to be as close as I can to the public license (e.g the Unlicense). However, the edtior is currently being built using technologies such as VueJs that are not compatible with it. I'm currently maintaining the project by separating the editor's licence from the player one as some kind of tinkering, but I don't feel it to be an OK nor honest thing to do.

I'm planning on finding ways to free the project from its dependencies, but this is in fact more complicated than adding a few patches here and there. I may as well have to rethink my wish for unlicense...

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