Herobook has a major update!

It's been around one year and an half since my last update. I actually was a lot busy with studying and optionality trying to find a job so I couldn't spend much time on the project. But I finally found some time to work on the project and took the opportunity to rethink what I was expecting from it.

First, I've found that porting the game into console or shell-like system, which was the initial objective for this engine, wasn't that much interesting. With some attempts at exporting to the html5 format, I concluded that is was a lot more pleasant due to both its gigantic support (who doesn't have a browser ?) and the ability to customise with the help of css. With that in mind. I've decided to drop both .exe and .jar players from this page. Also I've had some bugs with the usage of the HTML generator when deploying my games on itch, which hasn't been developed with that type of games (games made of a hierarchy of html files) in mind. So I built another player using javascript that loads the data and changes the pages accordingly. That way I could also drop the use of an Haxe dependency and put back the project into the Unlicence licence.

For .exe and .jar player, you can still find their source code in the github repository and compile it if you want.

Plus, as the game content is made of a json structure, it was really painful to to write a game without getting a missing colon or else and struggling to fix the problem. So I also made an editor to simplify the process by focussing on just writing the content, being able to test the game at any time and just export the content as the json format once it can be exported. I already used it for a tiny game jam and it was so much comfortable!

So that's it. I hope you will enjoy the new version of Herobook. There are some bug that I may have to fix later but this should be easily enjoyable already. I also may want to write a new tutorial for this version.

Have fun!


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Nov 20, 2020

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